"Drink Me" says the tiny brown apothecary jar, full of Twinkle that will force your mind to make connections and bring clarity. "Eat Me" says the roll of Deep Freeze candy and its promise of no more pain and the mindless pleasure of being a punching bag.

Double Smile and Nightshade and Catscratch are available too here in Wonderland, eat one side or the other and drink your pool of tears and see what happens. The Mad Hatter has been busy busy busy concocting drugs in honour of all his fellow Gothamite rogues, and now that they’re out of Arkham and roaming the streets, there’s no telling how far across the country these drugs will spread, what their effects will be on humans, metas, and aliens …. or who’s funding the Hatter’s laboratory.

But one by one, our heroes are being affected by the Hatter drugs in one way or another. It’s just a matter of time before something comes to a head.

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